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Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday! Yay!

It's been so long since I blogged I almost forgot my pword.  Anyway, I'm doing pretty good.  The apartment is almost sparkling how clean it is.  I have more work tomorrow...must get the laundry done, more cleaning and sparkling and go to the grocery store.  Probably go to the grocery store first thing when it is not busy.

Next week I have court.  It will be hard.  I hate it but I know I'm going to win.  My daughters!!!!  Not just his.

I'm getting ready for bed mode.  I was on Facebook so much tonight I didn't want to get off of it.  I just love this picture:

It's my facebook profile pic right now until Halloween and then I don't know what I'll do.  Probably pick one of my daughters as usual and showcase them.  Not sure.  I hate my own pictures of myself.

I'm writing a letter to a poor woman in jail for not paying child support.  I feel really bad for her and am going to send some money her way too probably to help her out a little.  What a waste of our money having people who don't pay go to jail who can't.  She can't so she had no other choice but to go for 60 days.  She can't earn a living and her family suffers too.  It's ridiculous.  I'm glad my lawyer is not going for the divorce because of child support.

I had a productive day at work today.  Not bad.  The pathology report came back from coding and now I'm waiting for accounting but there is a whole nother script that has to be run and is hogging up my machine.  No big deal.  It's fun and I'm learning stuff.


Monday, October 18, 2010


Off to a great start. 

The weekend was good and I had fun with my girls at Stoughton Farm yesterday.  We did the corn maize first and then got drinks and then rode on the cow train and then played with the slides and then went and played on a blanket on the ground.  Then we went back to the slides and then the duck races and then they played in the corn "pool" and the games they had in there.  It's a big tub of corn.  The girls were in and out of that and played with the golf balll games and the basketball.  They were so good and they loved their beanie baby ghosts.  It's the Vanish  one and so cute I picked it up at the Weis near me! 

I had so much corn tossed at me though that I think there was 10 or so pieces of it when I went to take my shoower!  Then I dropped my dad off at the bus so I was pretty wiped out.  Tonight I have to go to a meeting and will probably be wiped from that also.  Then it's Tuesday and the week goes on.

Count down until we can make cookies and I wear ghost earings on Sunday.  Michelle requested that I wear the ghost earings when she heard the choices of earings I have for Halloween.

My next court date for family court is October 27th and I got it requested off today.  I'm hoping to get no more outings with Randy involved and maybe 8 hours with the children on a Sunday.  That would be tiring but fun.

Lunch goes so quickly and work goes so slowly.  Today I have to play around with the DSS stuff again and I'm STILL waiting for coding to get back to me about Pathology.

Chris is back so that is exciting.  Not so boring. 

Since my mommy date got cancelled on Friday I'm waiting to hear about the next one.  I was sorely disappointed that it got cancelled because it was at the Ground Round which is right near my apartment.

I found a good site called PatientsLikeMe and I'm enjoying it; it is completely anonymous. 

It's so peaceful and quiet here I don't want to go back to work where I have to invent things to do for the next 4 hours.  Working sucks but I need the money and the job.  Don't we all?

My cat is somewhere around here.  She greeted me good and let me play with her a little bit and lots of petting as usual.  She is darling!

I might bring an apple back with me to work in case I get hungry this afternoon.  Those apples they had at the farm are delic.

I had a weird dream last night which I'd rather not re-live.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Good day so far.  Love Saturday with nothing much to do but grocery shopping and laundry.  Took a nap after the grocery shopping until 12 or so.  Then just put away all my laundry.  Saw some of Evening Star...still working on it.  Never seen it before but I have seen Terms of Endearment. 

I bought my daughters these cute little ghosts that I saw.  They are Beanie Babies and I'm going to give them to them tomorrow when I see them.  We are going out to Stoughton Farm out in Newark Valley.  My idea.  It's a drive but hopefully my dad and I will have time to hit the Friendly's beforehand. 

My cat is being good for once all curled up on my nightgown in the other room.  She's resting.  I guess this is her resting time.  She was a terror last night before bed but then she sleeps with me most of the night so all is forgiven.

I'm reading BP Magazine and it is really good this time.  I return it to my DBSA meeting Monday night.  I'm also going to donate a Bible and a book on Bible promises that I have.  I don't need them or want them anymore since I'm Jewish.  I read the Torah.  I haven't read it all but have read some.  It's good of course.

I'm not feeling very well my stomach hurts. 

The only thing I need at Walmart is children's hangers and I'm not going over there for that!

I want to talk to my mom today soon.  We both had not much to do today and are lonely.  I cried a little today but it's okay.  No biggie just wish there was a decent guy interested in me.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My mom and the girls

Well my mom hadn't seen the girls for a year and a half and now she sees them every other week.  Below you will find her picture with the girls where we spoil them.

I'm on my lunch at home by the way.  I'm going to try to avoid blogging at work because it seems inappropriate to say the least.

I'm waiting for my pathology report to go through coding so I can send it on through accounting.  It's so boring but at least I have a training class this afternoon.

I need to watch Glee.  So I'll probably be watching that tonight.  Robin Mattson is on DAYS but I was not interested after seeing her initial appearance.  She did a good job but I hate DAYS.  I'd rather watch General Hospital if I had to watch a soap opera again.  I have no time for soaps.

I should also watch House and NCIS.  I used to like those shows.  I have no time for Brothers and Sisters.  I barely had time for that before.

Here is the picture:


Well it's pay day and I'm busy doing RVU and Pathology report.  Will take me all day at this rate.  You know they let you blog at work but not do facebook.  LOL.

I don't feel too comfortable blogging here.  Will add more tonight.

My report is STILL running though and I bought some books my boss needs to get me paid for.  They are awesome though.

For those concerned about what I blog...don't worry I can take care of myself.  Also so far I have 0 followers so follow me!  It would be impossible for anyone to actually find my blog also so there!  If no one is following me what's the big deal.

Will write more later when I have trouble in the evening.  Friday I go out so no blogging.  Saturday I might do some blogging.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pictures of my Children.

I wanted to post pictures of my children so I'm going to attempt to do so:


Well it's been a pretty good week but I feel like crying.  My story is so long I don't know how to explain.  I was blogging before but stopped because of some political comments that I did not appreciate.  I'm over that now.  I think this would be good for me to get over my depression which I have for going through a divorce that is taking almost 2 years +!

I have two beautiful children.  Michelle (5 years old) and Megan (2 1/2 years old).  I get to see them for 4 hours on Sundays and am a non-custodial mom.  I belong to a group on that as well as a mom's group which I find fun for going out on mom's nights out.  There is one on Friday at Ground Round and I am looking forward to it.

Yesterday I bought my children more toys because they requested more play food so I got them play food and a play toaster and play coffee pot!  I also bought them each an outfit in what I think is there sizes and am washing the clothes I have for them now.

I have a guy who was my boyfriend in college who is talking to me but we aren't doing anything other than chatting online.  Kind of sad.  I think he still likes me but he lives in Ohio and I live in New York.

I'm still sort of in love with my husband and am going through the grieving process still.  It's a long complicated story and my parents as well as some of my friends would kill me if I got back with him.  Not literally but they might not ever speak to me again!

I'm going to be watching Hell's Kitchen tonight because I watched last week's because a friend suggested I watch it for Nancy Lee Grahn's (Alexis on General Hospital) appearance.  I loved her when she was on Santa Barbara as Julia and I have seen her on GH.  Now I just want to see who wins.  I've been following Nancy on Twitter and Facebook and it is fun.

Speaking of Facebook....so love it!  LOL.

I think I might like this better though because I already feel better writing.

I'm a data analyst II or application specialist as a job.  It's ok but can be boring at times.  Today was one of those long days but I managed and managed to get myself in just enough trouble.  LOL.

Anyway glad to be home and in the evening hours.  I've been hating these hours because of the divorce and missed family time.  I especially miss my children now.

I have been diagnosed as bipolar I but have schizoaffective disorder according to my new psychiatrist.  She's wonderful so who can argue with that although there are times I am not sure.  It doesn't matter both are difficult diagnoses.  I am doing very well since I left my husband though or he left me...HE LEFT ME!!!!  It just looks like I left him.  What happened was I went into the mental hospital and he wouldn't let me go home!  That's just the beginning of the story which actually happened 2 years ago now.  You think I'd be over it but I'm not yet.

Anyway it was fun blogging and now I can eat my dinner and check on the laundry.  It will be fun to hang the girl's clothing up.  My sister's partner also keeps a blog which I check up on every once in a while.  It's about there 3 children that they had via artificial insemination.  I am hoping to make up with my sister this year by sending them gifts and cards.  She also has a blog on creative gardening and stuff she does.  Almost forgot about that one.

Well those reading have a good night and God bless.  I'm Jewish.  I might put more in the about me part.  I didn't know what to put in there but had to take out the old stuff I had.  Like married to my husband and having 3 cats.  Nope not true anymore.  Divorcing my husband and have 1 cat.  I live alone in my own apartment but might be moving into a house with my mom.  I lived with my brother in a house for almost a year.