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Monday, October 18, 2010


Off to a great start. 

The weekend was good and I had fun with my girls at Stoughton Farm yesterday.  We did the corn maize first and then got drinks and then rode on the cow train and then played with the slides and then went and played on a blanket on the ground.  Then we went back to the slides and then the duck races and then they played in the corn "pool" and the games they had in there.  It's a big tub of corn.  The girls were in and out of that and played with the golf balll games and the basketball.  They were so good and they loved their beanie baby ghosts.  It's the Vanish  one and so cute I picked it up at the Weis near me! 

I had so much corn tossed at me though that I think there was 10 or so pieces of it when I went to take my shoower!  Then I dropped my dad off at the bus so I was pretty wiped out.  Tonight I have to go to a meeting and will probably be wiped from that also.  Then it's Tuesday and the week goes on.

Count down until we can make cookies and I wear ghost earings on Sunday.  Michelle requested that I wear the ghost earings when she heard the choices of earings I have for Halloween.

My next court date for family court is October 27th and I got it requested off today.  I'm hoping to get no more outings with Randy involved and maybe 8 hours with the children on a Sunday.  That would be tiring but fun.

Lunch goes so quickly and work goes so slowly.  Today I have to play around with the DSS stuff again and I'm STILL waiting for coding to get back to me about Pathology.

Chris is back so that is exciting.  Not so boring. 

Since my mommy date got cancelled on Friday I'm waiting to hear about the next one.  I was sorely disappointed that it got cancelled because it was at the Ground Round which is right near my apartment.

I found a good site called PatientsLikeMe and I'm enjoying it; it is completely anonymous. 

It's so peaceful and quiet here I don't want to go back to work where I have to invent things to do for the next 4 hours.  Working sucks but I need the money and the job.  Don't we all?

My cat is somewhere around here.  She greeted me good and let me play with her a little bit and lots of petting as usual.  She is darling!

I might bring an apple back with me to work in case I get hungry this afternoon.  Those apples they had at the farm are delic.

I had a weird dream last night which I'd rather not re-live.

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