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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Good day so far.  Love Saturday with nothing much to do but grocery shopping and laundry.  Took a nap after the grocery shopping until 12 or so.  Then just put away all my laundry.  Saw some of Evening Star...still working on it.  Never seen it before but I have seen Terms of Endearment. 

I bought my daughters these cute little ghosts that I saw.  They are Beanie Babies and I'm going to give them to them tomorrow when I see them.  We are going out to Stoughton Farm out in Newark Valley.  My idea.  It's a drive but hopefully my dad and I will have time to hit the Friendly's beforehand. 

My cat is being good for once all curled up on my nightgown in the other room.  She's resting.  I guess this is her resting time.  She was a terror last night before bed but then she sleeps with me most of the night so all is forgiven.

I'm reading BP Magazine and it is really good this time.  I return it to my DBSA meeting Monday night.  I'm also going to donate a Bible and a book on Bible promises that I have.  I don't need them or want them anymore since I'm Jewish.  I read the Torah.  I haven't read it all but have read some.  It's good of course.

I'm not feeling very well my stomach hurts. 

The only thing I need at Walmart is children's hangers and I'm not going over there for that!

I want to talk to my mom today soon.  We both had not much to do today and are lonely.  I cried a little today but it's okay.  No biggie just wish there was a decent guy interested in me.

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  1. Have you tried plentyoffish.com to try and meet a guy?

    Glad you had a nice time with your girls. I hope you get more time with them when you go back to court!