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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well it's pay day and I'm busy doing RVU and Pathology report.  Will take me all day at this rate.  You know they let you blog at work but not do facebook.  LOL.

I don't feel too comfortable blogging here.  Will add more tonight.

My report is STILL running though and I bought some books my boss needs to get me paid for.  They are awesome though.

For those concerned about what I blog...don't worry I can take care of myself.  Also so far I have 0 followers so follow me!  It would be impossible for anyone to actually find my blog also so there!  If no one is following me what's the big deal.

Will write more later when I have trouble in the evening.  Friday I go out so no blogging.  Saturday I might do some blogging.

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  1. Oh Bonnie I'm sorry I see you are following me! Thanks.