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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Well it's been a pretty good week but I feel like crying.  My story is so long I don't know how to explain.  I was blogging before but stopped because of some political comments that I did not appreciate.  I'm over that now.  I think this would be good for me to get over my depression which I have for going through a divorce that is taking almost 2 years +!

I have two beautiful children.  Michelle (5 years old) and Megan (2 1/2 years old).  I get to see them for 4 hours on Sundays and am a non-custodial mom.  I belong to a group on that as well as a mom's group which I find fun for going out on mom's nights out.  There is one on Friday at Ground Round and I am looking forward to it.

Yesterday I bought my children more toys because they requested more play food so I got them play food and a play toaster and play coffee pot!  I also bought them each an outfit in what I think is there sizes and am washing the clothes I have for them now.

I have a guy who was my boyfriend in college who is talking to me but we aren't doing anything other than chatting online.  Kind of sad.  I think he still likes me but he lives in Ohio and I live in New York.

I'm still sort of in love with my husband and am going through the grieving process still.  It's a long complicated story and my parents as well as some of my friends would kill me if I got back with him.  Not literally but they might not ever speak to me again!

I'm going to be watching Hell's Kitchen tonight because I watched last week's because a friend suggested I watch it for Nancy Lee Grahn's (Alexis on General Hospital) appearance.  I loved her when she was on Santa Barbara as Julia and I have seen her on GH.  Now I just want to see who wins.  I've been following Nancy on Twitter and Facebook and it is fun.

Speaking of Facebook....so love it!  LOL.

I think I might like this better though because I already feel better writing.

I'm a data analyst II or application specialist as a job.  It's ok but can be boring at times.  Today was one of those long days but I managed and managed to get myself in just enough trouble.  LOL.

Anyway glad to be home and in the evening hours.  I've been hating these hours because of the divorce and missed family time.  I especially miss my children now.

I have been diagnosed as bipolar I but have schizoaffective disorder according to my new psychiatrist.  She's wonderful so who can argue with that although there are times I am not sure.  It doesn't matter both are difficult diagnoses.  I am doing very well since I left my husband though or he left me...HE LEFT ME!!!!  It just looks like I left him.  What happened was I went into the mental hospital and he wouldn't let me go home!  That's just the beginning of the story which actually happened 2 years ago now.  You think I'd be over it but I'm not yet.

Anyway it was fun blogging and now I can eat my dinner and check on the laundry.  It will be fun to hang the girl's clothing up.  My sister's partner also keeps a blog which I check up on every once in a while.  It's about there 3 children that they had via artificial insemination.  I am hoping to make up with my sister this year by sending them gifts and cards.  She also has a blog on creative gardening and stuff she does.  Almost forgot about that one.

Well those reading have a good night and God bless.  I'm Jewish.  I might put more in the about me part.  I didn't know what to put in there but had to take out the old stuff I had.  Like married to my husband and having 3 cats.  Nope not true anymore.  Divorcing my husband and have 1 cat.  I live alone in my own apartment but might be moving into a house with my mom.  I lived with my brother in a house for almost a year.

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