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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Well it's been a while since I blogged.  I am feeling a little depressed but I have my daughters tomorrow for Memorial Day and we have a jammed packed fun day planned!  We are taking them home first to play in the pool we inflated over the weekend and then we are taking them to the Endicott pool that they love.  I need to teach these girls to swim but we will see.

I am lonely, bored and depressed without them but that is okay.  I have my mom but she is no fun and still treats me like a 16 year old.  I am still getting through my days.  Looking forward to tomorrow in particular and then I have a brief vacation to Lehighton, PA and then Atlantic City, NJ planned.  That should be fun.  My mom and I are not getting along that great since I am now on Family Leave.

That's right.  I left my job for family leave due to depression.  They were going to fire me anyway and this was the best solution.  It's been a LONG week without work let's just say and this is my first of many.  I hope not too many.  I am going to a meeting on Tuesday with Vesid.  That should be good and then I will go to workforce when I get back from my vacation.

Well a blog for another time.  That's all I have in me for tonight.